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Here are some sites you might enjoy.  These are some great guitar stores that carry small body guitars, vintage guitars, and all kinds of accessories. The ones I've listed are all reputable places with knowledgeable folks and great repair capabilities. Copy and paste the address listed in your browser, this web page doesn't support active links.

Eric Schoenberg Guitars, Tiburon, CA:  A tiny store with an absolutely amazing collection of new and vintage small body instruments.  Great people, worth a trip if you are in the San Francisco area.  Eric is one of the most knowledgeable vintage guitar experts in the world.  He will have instruments in his inventory that you can find no place else, and he is a very friendly, approachable person.  He's also a mean fingerpicker!  They are located about 20 minutes north and east of the Golden Gate Bridge, north of Sausalito, east of Mill Valley, a nice, scenic drive with fabulous guitars.  They also carry some amazing entry level guitars that are really serious instruments for less than $500.00.  Great website with things to see.

Buffalo Brothers Guitars, Carlsbad, CA:  Mostly new instruments, but lots of guitars by custom builders like Collings, Bourgeois, Goodall, Froggy Bottom, as well as standards like Martin and Gibson.

Bernunzio Uptown Music, Rochester, NY:  Usually have a few nice vintage instruments, including mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and of course guitars.  I bought my '37 00-21 from him in 1996 as well as a great 1920's vintage banjo-ukulele.  Honest, reasonable prices, and easy to work with.

Other sites with vintage and small body guitars:  I don't have personal experience with these, but they are all well known and I believe reputable.

George Gruhn Guitars, Nashville, TN:  George Gruhn is another vintage expert and carries both new and used instruments.  He appraises instruments, and his word, opinion and knowledge are all respected by those in the know.  Sells on consignment as well.

Elderly Music, Lansing, MI:  A well known store that has new and vintage stuff.  Good online site. Reputable, decent prices, sell on consignment too.

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