Richard Chance Music

People just can't live without music. These pictures are evidence of how important stingbandmusic has been in America in the last 100 years or so.


The North Carolina 26th Regimental Band, from Salem, NC, was made up of Moravian musicians who were conscientious objectors but chose to serve along side the NC 26th throughout the Civil War. My Great-Great-Grandfather, Lewis Taylor Teague, was a Sergeant in this Regiment, enlisting at age 35 as a 'substitute' for a young man, a member of his Quaker Church. He served from 1862 through the end of the war. He was wounded on the first day of Gettysburg and captured later in 1863 and sent north to a Union Prison. Some of this Regimental Band were also captured and sent to a Union Prison as well. My GG Grandfather was released after the Confederate surrender and returned to Siler City, NC in Chatham County where he lived out his life. He certainly listened to this band during his enlistment.

Above:Big Chief Henry's String Band from Oklahoma.

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