Richard Chance Music

"THE KIDS", from left to right:  A)1961-62 Kay Jumbo (Model K18), the first guitar I ever played (1964) that belonged to my cousin; B)My first Double-0 size guitar, a 1930 Gibson L-00 12-fret, bought in 1987; C) My second Double-0 size, a 1933 Gibson L-1, bought in 1995; D) The last guitar I acquired (so far anyway) a 1937 Martin 00-21, bought in 1996. That's all I have, and all I need.


This guitar is exactly like the first guitar that I got in 1964 for my 14th birthday. It is a Kay entry level ($35.00) plywood painted sunburst guitar bought at Little Pete's Pawn and Music. The action was terrible and the tone was worse. It is amazing that I stuck with it for a year. I traded it in one year later on an Espana classical guitar. I just noticed how much the shape is like a 00 size guitar.

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